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Examine, experience and taste unique bottles and their history in my shop.

There is nothing more beautiful or glorious than a nice collection of wines from around the world. I'm very proud of my selection and will gladly give you a tour of my cellar for connoisseurs, which includes mythical Burgundies and wines from the sunshine state. Browse what’s on offer or ask me for advice and suggestions. You’ll always leave with a good wine, whatever your budget.

Great wine grapes and compelling stories

You need grapes to make wine, but the story behind the wine is just as interesting. The symbolism behind the labels, the history of the wineries, the journey of the wine bottle from the vineyard to my shop in Temse... Find out all this and more because I’m always interested in the soul of every bottle.

Likewise, I'm happy to help you and share these wine stories with you, if you take a keen interest in good wine. Your budget or your wine expertise is less relevant. A passion for wine burns eternal but it needs to start somewhere. So why not start your wine journey in my wine shop in Temse, because a fine wine sparks interesting conversations.

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  • Every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.
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