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I enjoy every wine I don’t sell.

Vinesse was established in 1996 by a club of keen wine friends. We participated in several Belgian and international wine tastings. As time went by, we started to import wines that were difficult to find in Belgium. We developed our own philosophy for selecting wines and still stick to it today: if we can’t sell it, then we are happy to uncork it and drink it ourselves.

In time, my passion became my profession and my selection of wines grew exponentially over the years. I still personally taste every wine I add to my selection, regardless of how many wines I sell. And I continue to invite friends to blind tastings, because I don’t believe in selling prestigious labels or names. It’s what’s in the bottle that counts.

You discover the most exciting wines when you leave the beaten path.

French wines were my first love and in that sense, I'm no different from other wine fans. They still are the mainstay of my collection, which is firmly rooted in Burgundy and the Rhône Valley. France was the logical place to start as I slowly worked my way through Europe’s wine regions and explored new continents. I discovered phenomenal wines by outstanding Italian and Spanish wineries, as well as excellent wines in less traditional regions such as Portugal, the United States and even Bulgaria.

The best way to discover wines is to leave the beaten path. The wine world is continuously expanding. What’s more, I strongly believe in guaranteeing a good price/quality ratio. I like wine makers who are passionate about what they do, meet with them and find out more about why wine is so precious to them. We become friends, for life. We know each other, we help each other become better and stronger, and continue to rely on each other’s assessments. I believe that this is the only way you can develop a strong selection, with an open mind. Taste is always the most important parameter. That is why I continue to be so passionate about wine, tasting new vintages all the time, in search of bottles with a soul.

Jean Paul Remon